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Hinged Lid Kilns for Glass and Ceramics

Hinged Lid Kilns for Glass and Ceramics

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  • Fiber Module Construction
  • 1800F and 2300F Models
  • No Limit on Chamber Size
  • Low Weight,
  • Energy Efficient
  • Optimal Cooling Control
  • Multi Zone Programmable Controls

About Euclid Hinged Lid Kilns:

The fiber module construction uses ceramic fiber modules in the roof and sides, with coiled wire heating elements supported in quartz tubes (1800F) or on mullite tubes (2300F). Standard walls are 3" for 1800F; 6" for 2300F. The floor is insulating firebrick with board backup. Ceramic fiber is lightweight, which reduces the kiln weight, and also improves the cost efficiency of firings - there isn’t as much weight of insulation to be heated. The low-density lining also cools quickly, giving optimum control over cooling. This construction is also very resistant to damage from thermal expansion, and from vibration, which can be a hazard in shipping.

The frame is welded tubular and angle steel, giving excellent overall rigidity and strength. The roof and the sides are controlled as two zones for optimum heat distribution (where applicable). The floor can be heated and controlled as a third zone. Vent/peepholes are included, for viewing and for extra cooling. Gas springs ensure easy opening of the lid. We can provide roof vents, operated manually or automatically, to provide improved cooling control. We can completely customize our kilns in any way to suit your application.

Kilns are usually quoted with a programmable controller and an overtemp safety control.

We also have in-house experience with glass processing and can provide supplies and assistance for mold making.

Euclid Kilns: More than 50 years of kiln building experience.

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The range of styles and sizes is unlimited. For pricing, e-mail or call us at 1-800-296-5456.