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About Euclids


Showroom, 1120 Speers Road., Oakville, ON

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Euclids is a division of The Pottery Supply House (PSH). PSH provides a complete range of supplies and equipment to potters from our primary location in Oakville, Ontario, Canada and from S&S Pottery Supplies in Kitchener, Ontario. We produce our own clay bodies and glazes, and we carry a full line of tools, raw materials, books and equipment. We are proud of our consistent quality, and our professional service.

PSH manufactures "Euclid Kilns" and "Euclid's Elements". We build top and front loading kilns for pottery, glass, enameling and many other applications. We make elements for all kilns, including custom, and we supply parts and service for all makes of kilns and equipment.

We also manufacture kilns and furnaces for a wide variety of industrial uses, and are a respected source for a wide variety of related products.

We invite you to contact us, or visit us. If we can't provide you with what you are looking for, we will try to help you find it.

Our Customer Service Staff

On the telephone in Oakville you will be greeted by Brendan Smyth, Samantha ­­­­­Ivanic or Niamh (pronounced "nee-ov") Willis. They also serve at the customer service counter as do Nicolette Keaney and Hannah Johnson when their ceramic studies allow. Brendan is our ceramic production & shipping manager with extensive knowledge of PSH's broad product offering. He also handles new kiln inquiries. Geoff Farrow, our kiln production & service manager, can address any of your kiln and equipment performance and servicing questions. Jay Clarke is our order desk contact for kiln elements and parts and David Woo is our on-the-road kiln service technician. Jon Walls is PSH's source for information on clay, glaze and ceramic materials.

In Kitchener, customer service is handled by experienced clayworkers Denise del Mundo, Ezri Evans and Becky DeLeo, manager of S&S Pottery Supplies.

Behind the Scene

Our customer service staff is backed by a conscientious and committed crew behind the scene making, assembling and shipping quality PSH and Euclid products to customers throughout Canada and the United States. Our head shipper and warehouse manager for more than 30 years is Steve Smyth. Shipper Justin Chevrier has many duties including making PSH slips. Order assembly and packaging is adeptly handled by Alex Bellissimo. In our kiln division, we rely on expert kiln builder Dave Taylor to construct Euclid's large-scale glass, pottery and industrial kilns. Versatile Kortney Browne has done so many different and demanding jobs we've lost track. She now builds our pottery kilns. ­­Multi-tasking in kiln division is Ali Alali. The entire range of PSH clay bodies are weighed, mixed and pugged by Will Walmsley and Braden Baldwin. Auriana Lacson and Joan Park are ever busy making glazes and underglazes. 


The Pottery Supply House, in Oakville, Ontario was founded in 1958 by Jorgen Poschmann (1927-2018) . His partner, Graham Willis, joined the company in 1961 and the company was incorporated in 1964. PSH has been an important part of the Canadian ceramic and commercial pottery industry ever since. The business was originally operated out of the historic "Granary" in downtown Oakville but has since moved twice to larger facilities. Today, ownership has passed to a new generation, who remain committed to providing the best new products and services to potters and sculptors.


PSH operated out of  "The Granary" on the banks of  the Sixteen Mile Creek in the heart of Oakville in the 1960's.


In need of more space and access to rail, a new building was constructed - complete with Tim Rainey sculpture. It was home to PSH for the next 20 years.


PSH building and showroom today at 1120 Speers Road, Oakville, ON

PSH was created to meet the needs of potters and clayworkers for clay, glaze, raw materials, kilns and equipment. Jorgen's expertise in ceramic materials and processes combined with Graham's talent for designing and building kilns and equipment proved to be a long-lasting, productive force for company growth. The current generation of owners, Eric Poschmann, Gunnar Poschmann and Jeremy Willis, continue to work to fulfill the changing needs of modern potters. At the same time, PSH expertise is being applied to many new industrial and R&D applications.

Eric, who managed the company before Jeremy, is now living in Sao Paulo operating PSH Brasil which offers a complete range of pottery supplies to potters in Brazil.  Eric is a John Mather Award recipient, awarded by the Ontario Crafts Council to individuals for their service to crafts over an extended period.  Eric's brother, Gunnar, owns and operates a separate company called Synergetic Technologies which acts as an agent for a range of companies in furnace and heat process technologies. Synergetic Technologies is a one-stop source and resource for customers' heat process requirements.

Jeremy, in his capacity as Managing Director of PSH and custom kiln engineer, is actively involved in the day-to-day business affairs and is a familiar face to area potters. So, too, are the sales and managing staff. Geoff Farrow oversees pottery and glass kiln construction, element fabrication, and kiln and equipment repair service. Geoff is an experienced glassworker and is the PSH source for information on glass slumping and fusing. For those ordering replacement elements or other kiln parts, Jay Clarke is the order desk contact. He also receives and responds to all orders placed online. Other familiar faces (and voices) to many PSH customers are Brendan Smyth, Dana Thoman and Hannah Johnson at the customer service desk. Brendan and Dana are the usual sources for general product information. Among his many responsibilities, Brendan handles inquiries about new kilns and delivery scheduling. Jon Walls is PSH's source for information on clay, glaze and ceramic materials. Steve is our ever-busy shipper. On the telephone, you will be welcomed by Brendan or Dana Thoman. In Kitchener, customer service is handled by accomplished potter and saggar-firing expert, Becky DeLeo www.beckywebster.com, manager of S&S Pottery Supplies.

PSH is grateful for the contribution of many talented former employees who have gone on to establish themselves as accomplished clayworkers. See what amazing work they're producing now: Emma Smith www.emmasmithceramics.comHannah Slade https://speckandstone.com;  Rhoni Daikoff http://www.clarkeceramics.com ;  Marissa Alexander http://www.marissaya.com/;  Queenie Xu http://queenie2411.wixsite.com/queeniexceramics

Today, PSH produces over 30 standard clay bodies for potters, sculptors and handbuilders and designs, builds and services a wide range of kilns for pottery and glass marketed under the name, "Euclid Kilns". PSH also builds industrial kilns marketed under the name "PSH Kilns & Furnaces" and provides rebuild and renovation service to existing industrial furnaces. PSH has been successful in responding to a wide range of heat process requirements in industry, some far removed from traditional ceramics.

Product innovation and adaptability are central themes at PSH. While expansion to serve the needs of other industries has become a major instrument for steady growth, PSH is committed, first and foremost, to developing and seeking out improved products and services for clayworkers and glassworkers. As testament to the company's dedication to clay and glass artists in Canada, PSH maintains an expanding collection of pottery, sculpture and glasswork which can be seen in the company showroom. The Pottery Supply House is also an active supporter of organizations and events that promote clay and glass.