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Garrity Mushroom Anvil Set



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Traditionally used for smoothing and shaping coiled pot interiors by providing resistance to force applied by a paddle on the outside.  Historical evidence suggests that the method might have been used inside woven molds which left distinctive textile patterns.

Now you can have all four sizes of Garrity's best-selling Mushroom Anvils in one set! This product includes one interchangeable handle and a 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” anvil top and comes in elegantly designed eco-friendly packaging.

Garrity Mushroom Anvils are perfectly crafted to fit firmly in your hand and with just enough weight to easily shape a simple clay slab into a dish. Pair this tool with foam to press the anvil tops into the clay or use the Mushroom Anvil tops flat on your worktable and drape clay over them.